The D.O.C: «I Was What Most are Not..»


The D.O.C, the one man army. Brilliant writer behind Hall of Fame’s finest N.W.A, legendary producer Dr. Dre and internationally loved Snoop Dogg. Eminem’s favourite rapper and artist who defined West Coast sound in early 90’s. The Hip-Hop Legend, Multiplatinum Artist, Certified Hitmaker and Father. 30 years later Doc did his own documentary, joining forces with producer of the latest Guy Ritchie’s film. Today, Alex Zapadinschi sits down with the Legend to discuss his upcoming documentary, patiently awaited by millions of fans around the world. 

— DOC, please tell us how did you come up with idea to do the documentary about your path?

I had a moment of reflection and figured out it was time to let go of the pain from the past and make the journey purposeful. The best way to do that was to honestly tell the story.

— What became the main reason behind your desire to make your first step towards the execution of the project?

I had a revelation and felt my purpose call, and GOD and community became the reasons to do the best job I could of changing the path for those kids who may be in their own way making poor choices not knowing their worth and whats possible for them.

— How did you come across Dave Caplan? What was that first meeting like?

I met Dave through the producer Gary O. He was the first guy Gary showed me and I felt he would do a great job so I went with him. We had lunch and he shared some of my ideas and thoughts about direction and it just felt right.

— Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Erykah Badu are all participating in your documentary. But the most important conversations on camera happened with your children. How did it feel to be there while they were expressing themselves? What did it do to you as the father? 

Everyone in this doc is extremely important to this story, and every relationship is an example of love in a way I’m very proud of. Most folks who’ve seen the film come in expecting one thing but leave blown away at the story they get.

— Tribeca Film Festival was phenomenal, a lot of household names showed up to watch your documentary. What was the biggest surprise for you during the private screening in terms of reaction from the audience?

Everything about that night was amazing. From being in NY to being with my daughter Puma, it was very meaningful to me, and I knew by the reactions from all those who were there that we’d done something very special…

— You’re credited as the only writer on documentary. Obviously it’s different from writing lyrics for another immortal hit. Most of the people in entertainment business tend to executive produce and write their own stories and most of the times it might come off as exaggerated and even far from the reality. Take us through that process of recollection and recounting of your own story in front of your family, friends and colleagues eyes. 

I was what most are not. Honest, open and vulnerable. I took it all on my shoulders and exposed the ugly truth about my journey in hopes of preventing any more young «DOC’s» go through it. It was also very cathartic for me and helped me find some peace.

— Before Me and You wrap it up, DOC.. November 1989 is the month of the drastic change in your life, some call it horrible, some consider You as Hip-Hop’s biggest ‘What If’. After all these years of trying to get your voice back, trying to convince yourself that biggest artists in the world are your voice and constantly reminding yourself that you can’t do music no more.. What is that day and time when you realise it was a blessing and till this day No one can do it better than you? 

I chased for 30 years that old voice trying to get back to that old path but in 2020 after the revelation and through the making of The DOC I found something else. I don’t wanna give away the movie but it’s very much birth, death and resurrection of the human spirit in a way everyone can feel no matter race, age, or economic background. 

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